Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hello Ganu!

Assalamualaikum & apa kaba belakeeee?

My Master & I will be going to Terengganu this afternoon for a civil case at K.Terengganu High Court tomorrow morning. It was my second time there after the first work trip in October, maka kejakunan sudah tidak lagi berada di tahap yang membimbangkan

It's funny when I always regard Terengganu as my second home yet I just realized that we don't actually have any relative there. Mungkin ada but macam tak ada? So, atas faktor apakah yang menyebabkan terasa Terengganu itu dekat di hati? Adakah kerana pengaruh Ustaz Azhar Idrus & slangnya? -.-'

Will be staying at the same hotel, Primula Beach Hotel with hopefully with the same awesome view. When we were there last time, we were so busy & the weather was so grumpy that we didn't have time to take a stroll in the beach. Beach anytime also can go ayte but going to Pasar Payang cannot miss one!

But I heard they're going to renovate the Pasar Payang site? How about the pakcik & makcik penjual? Sedihnya, may Allah make things easy for them :( And I'm sooooooooo going to take a lot of pictures of my beloved Pasar Payang! I'm a tourist, remember? And I'll try my best to fully utilize my Terengganu slang, no matter how cacat it sounds

Btw, is there anyone here from Terengganu? If you see a lady with blonde hair & a petite girl (with her camera) borong-ing a lot of keropok & probably other unnecessary stuff because we're ladies & ladies like to shop selagi hayat di kandung badan, don't feel shy to say 'Assalamualaikum & hi' alright?

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