Monday, 4 March 2013

Of Eyeshadow & Eyebags

Assalamualaikum & apa khabar hamba-hamba Allah sekalian? Semoga hidup kita hari ini diberkati olehNya. InsyaAllah

I've this habit of going to bed very late on working days. Akan tetapi, apabila weekend menjelma especially Saturday, I'll go to sleep as soonest as possible. I'll turn my bedroom to a cave; curtains down, room locked (but my family loves me so much they love to waking me up asking me what I want for my breakfast. Hahah!) & I'll be so generous to let my body clock to decide on its own at what time it wants to get up

Masihkah ada insan yang sudi dengan diriku ini? T_T

Yesterday for example, despite knowing that tomorrow is Sunday & Sunday means the first working day of the week here in Kelantan, my eyes only decided to totally shut themselves up at almost 2 o'clock in the morning. So, you can imagine how lemau I was going to the office. I even secretly prayed that we won't have any important guest or client paying a visit to our office for my fear that my tak semengah face might scare them away. Lols!

Who needs eyeshadow when you've eyebags, ayte? *blows nails*

And I felt so patriotic suddenly that I had  to don in warna rasmi negeri Kelantan

Of course I had to edit my picture a bit using Picasa & Pixlr-o-matic. I love you guys so much that I don't want to appear in your dream tonight, you know causing some nightmares & stuff. Unless you're in the opinion that naked pucat face & lips is another definition of natural beauty :))

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