Sunday, 10 March 2013

Of Being Ambitious When I Was Younger & Westlife

Assalamualaikum & happy Sunday, loves!

Apakah aktiviti pada hari ini bagi yang masih bercuti? Bagi youolls yang bekerja macam iolls pada hari ini, sabar je la kan? Di harap tiada kejadian yang tidak diingini berlaku seperti terpaksa mengheret kaki atau mengensot untuk ke pejabat

I found an old passport picture of me yesterday & felt so generous  to share it here

12 year old me

With a big keronsang & tudung ke bawah, skema much? Hehe!

Like other 12 year old kids, I was pretty much ambitious. I remember having a few ambitions at that time such as doctor (it's like a must for everyone), astronomer (look what Kuiz Sains Angkasa did to me. But seriously, astronomer? Lols!), lecturer (I love teaching despite the not-so-proud level of patient I've in myself. Might as well consider this as my career someday. Amin...) & last but not least, lawyer

It's quite funny how the fate twisted, from science stream to social science. Ok la tu, at least ada lagi perkataan science kan? Hehe! In fact, ramai je students from SBP & MRSM at Law Schools

I had a chat with a friend a few weeks ago who was also from SBP (he was a Malay debater from MCKK & UIA) & he's now a lawyer at one of the biggest firms in Malaysia. We shared a quarantine room during Hari Kecemerlangan SBP (HKSBP) Kebangsaan/Piala Perdana Menteri (PPM) 2003 in Sains Muar but after yearssss baru la nak bertegur-sapa. Maklumlah dulu nerd & pemalu lebih

Tapi komeng yang dibulatkan di bawah adalah yang paling menyentapkan. Sabau je la -.-'

Speaking of which, I stumbled upon this video on Youtube last week. I was browsing through a list of for Ustaz Azhar Idrus' ceramah when suddenly this video tumpang menyelit sama. Haihh! Tewas dengan godaan

I still remember being totally head over heals with Westlife when I was younger. I memorized their songs, gigih beli cassettes, illegally bought the walkman to school & listened to them during prep hours & weekends. I even dreamed of having a boyfriend like Mark (but I've been convinced myself more than ever now that sepet eyes always get my attention. Lols!) & went upset after knowing that he's gay

Until now, my Sister would make fun of my Mark fetish & his sexual orientation. It's his manly voice that I adore & not that I'm going to marry him or anything. Even kalau ada jodoh sekalipun (writing this makes me feel like throwing up. Hahahaha!), agak-agak dapat tak restu dari ibubapa di rumah?

So, when I stumbled upon this on youtube which compiles Westlife's full tracks, I was so excited & I know I've to share it here with you. High paws if you're a Westlife fan just like ME!

The good old days of secondary school. I don't know why but listening to some of the songs reminds me to walking along the corridor to the prep classes, the smell of the grass during riadah & weekend nights where the hostel would turn to kapal pecah

Seronokkan muda-muda dulu :')

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