Monday, 11 March 2013

Of Love, Virus & Shelter

Assalamualaikum, brothers & sisters!

I received a few comments from the lovely readers that they couldn't read my blog since 3 weeks ago. Auwww! So sweet of them for being concern but so mean of the virus for invading my space! >:-( 

So, I did the most I can do which is changing the password. I really don't know what's really happening as everything seems to be okay here, whether when I use the laptop at home or the pc at the firm. I'm quite noob when it comes to stuff like this. Tak de la computer literate sangat mek ni sebenarnya. Huhu!

Gambar hiasan sebab comel tak terperi

My blog is my shelter; a place where I've been trying my best to be honest with my self, my feelings, my dreams & what I want. I regard this blog as very personal, thus the reason why I always found it awkward to promote this blog to anyone (ok fineee! I put the link at my Instagram :P)

Even if nobody reads mine, I'll keep writing because I write to express, not to impress. Nak impress apa nya sebab nothing to impress pong

But sometimes, revealing (almost) everything about myself may not be the best option. I'm scared that what have been written here may be misunderstood or worse, might be used against me. What if one day I die without proper goodbye & leave some negative marks in this blog, what would people think of me?

My oh my. Obviously, keeping a blog since 2006 hasn't given me enough confidence

The only people I know who keep coming & reading my blog are my Sister & some close friends. Who are the rest, I wonder? What actually has brought you here? What do you think of me, my life & my stories? Can you tell when I'm sad, happy & in between?

Just so you know, the place where I'm being utterly honest with myself is here
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