Friday, 19 April 2013

Jumma Mubarak!

A reminder to myself

As days passed by, do we even realize that they mean lesser days left to be spent with our loved ones? Ajal & maut ketentuan Allah, regardless whether you're young or old. If only we know what time of our death will be, I believe everybody will ditch anything in this world & focus on ibadah instead. MasyaAllah

Anyway, jumma mubarak, loves! It's the day of acceptance of doas. May today be filled with a lot of good things. InsyaAllah!

 Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:

((خير يوم طلعت فيه الشمس يوم الجمعة؛ فيه خلق الله آدم،
وفيه أدخل الجنة، وفيه أخرج منها، ولا تقوم الساعة إلا في يوم الجمعة))

"The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday; on it Allah created Adam.
On it, he was made to enter paradise, on it he was expelled from it.
And the last hour will take place on no day other than Friday".
(Ahmad & Tirmithi)

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