Thursday, 18 April 2013

Of Single Gang Minus One

Assalamualaikum & happy Thursday! It's the last working day here in K.Bharu & after knowing that our work trip to K.Terengganu is cancelled, I'm more than happy to welcome the weekend! Yayyy! Oh bed, you know how much I've been missing to spend more quality time with you!

I still remember among many mindless conversations I had with one of my close secondary schoolmates, Mimi when I paid her a visit at UKM last November was on relationship & marriage

Duh! What else! Lols!

During that time, I was just in the second month of my chambering, still hadn't got the hang of what real black & white has got to offer me & apparently, still *cough* slim. We were in the car heading to LCCT at that time with Mimi's fiance as the driver & Mimi the non-stop talking co-driver. Mimi kept reminding me that I've to be hurry because according to her, once I finish my chambering & be in the real working world, I'd have limited time to meet any guy or worse, everybody has been taken! Her exact words were;

 "Sue, mung ada 7 bulan lagi untuk mencari cinta!"

Of course I ignored her bebelan :P Instead, I couldn't help but to think about Duta in '30 Hari Mencari Cinta" ;)

Tak dapat macam Lee Min Ho, dapat macam Duta pun bolehhh

I've a circle of close friends from the secondary school whom we happily refer ourselves as Gang Adun Kubang Kerian. They are 4 of us; me, Mimi, Dayah & Baei and whenever everyone (or almost when everyone at home), a makan-makan do is a must. And when it comes to love & relationship(s), Mimi seems to be the luckiest compared to rest of us. Bahahaha!

 From L to R; Dayah, Baei, Mimi & yours truly

Actually, point sebenar nak cakap, Mimi dah selamat kahwin last Saturday. Alhamdulillah. It was a coincidence that I was in KL last weekend, so when I was informed that the akad nikah majlis will be held at Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin or famously known as Masjid Besi, Putrajaya at 11 a.m (everything was decided about a week before!), I was sooooo happy! Nasib baik beli flight ticket pukul 5:35 pm :D

 My first time there, obviously!

 Mimi & Muhammad's families

Lesen besar katanya. Woots!

 The bride

Kurang sudah ahli Single Gang. Sobs! But we're very happy for her nonetheless! Alhamdulillah. Kahwin juga Mimi akhirnya (for those who know. Hehe!) Can't wait for her majlis in Kubang Kerian in May. I've already volunteered myself to be the juruletih. So semangat! Diharap apabila majlis bertandang di Sabah nanti, Mimi won't forget our tickets. Jangan janji dicapati sudah

To Mimi & Muhammad;
Congratulations you two! Alhamdulillah. I heard being a husband & wife while studying isn't that easy but with a lot of love, tolerance & understanding, anything also kacang lah kan? I pray may Allah bless you with a lot of barakah, rezeki & may He make things easy for both of you! Semoga bercinta hingga ke syurga. Amin & InsyaAllah! And walaupun impian kita berempat untuk akad nikah bersama-sama di Masjid Sultan Ismail Petra, Kubang Kerian & majlis resepsi di Dewan HUSM (I don't know who came out with the idea but girls can dream, alright? :P) tidak tercapai, we're so happy for youuu!

And adakah apabila grad nanti akan bertiga? :))

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