Monday, 8 April 2013

Of Being A Housewife & Bekal Mee Goreng

Assalamualaikum & hello! 

Among one of many reasons of why I feel excited for Wednesday to come (minus my sad & embarrassing preparation for the Ethics exam. Buang tenaga sahaja ke hulu ke hilir bawak notes. Sigh!) is to meeting this girl! 

Going to tumpang Mija's house for a few days. Hehe!
And I hope I won't make her life or more precisely her room miserable :P

You know, when I was at secondary school, all I wanted was to finish SPM as soon as possible, ditch off the school uniform & become an adult. Now that I've become the adult myself (why suddenly *coughs* I feel *coughs* old), among many things I'm wishing for is to go back to those good old days & become young once more! Oh, the cliche!

Kids, if you think working life is fun, no, I don't blame you. Too much elements of Malay dramas with happy rich working kids inserted into our life perhaps? But I do miss the days when the only thing that burdened my brain was lauk tak sedap served at the dining hall. Sigh!

Lauk tak sedap juga yang difikirkan. Performance yang kurang memberangsangkan dalam pelajaran awok tok fikir ke, Suria? -.-' Tapi cuba lihat sekarang! Hidup saya sehari-hari adalah seperti Superwoman, menyelesaikan masalah clients. Gittew!

Btw, do you know that one of my (secret) ambitions is to becoming a housewife? Gosh! Even until now, it utterly sounds appealing to me! Banyak pahala ok jadi housewife?

"Kerja baik-baik bang! Jangan nakal-nakal! Jangan lupa makan mee goreng yang saya bekalkan itu"

Muahahaha! Ok, let's go muntah now

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