Sunday, 14 April 2013

Of Being Underpaid & A Gentle Slap On My Face

Assalamualaikum brothers & sisters! I'm back, Alhamdulillah!

Tidak berjaya traveling light. Hand luggage siap exceed 3kg. Terpaksa buat muka kesian

It was until a few days ago when I realized that I'm a type of person who actually loves venturing the outside world. I mean, I'm still young ayte? And sementara belum ada komitmen ni, why don't I do things I've been wanting to do or never did? I love traveling, seeing new things & going to places alone. You know, just to get the feeling of being independent though it was just some trips alone with KTM & LRT. Hehe!

Went to Suria KLCC on Friday & met Iqbal there. As usual, we would talk about life in general. I told him that lawyers in my hometown are underpaid & it somehow stresses us out

"So, why don't you just come & work in KL? You tak nak tinggal Kota Bharu kan?"

It was like a gentle slap on my face

I rarely gave in when it comes to debate like this, not with Iqbal (the man with a lot of principals. He can even talk 15 minutes about why it's dangerous to let a person drives 8 hours straight. Siap dengan statistik bagai  -.-') but this time it took me a few seconds, a deep stare into his eyes trying to find an answer & finally a hesitate "yes"

I'm an optimist, I hate breaking the rules, I'm a reserved person, I may be adventurous & fun at heart but when it comes to matters like this, you can see me raise a white flag above my head now. All this while, I've been living in such a comfort zone to the extend of refusing to leave this nest. I love my Family & my hometown; that feeling of attachment has somewhat been blooming in myself these past few years

Sigh! So, dah dah la complain pasal gaji tak banyak. It's your choice. So, bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada ok? Sekian

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