Saturday, 4 May 2013

Of A Day Before PRU13

Assalamualaikum, brothers & sisters!

Less than 24 hours before PRU13 & I'm so excited! Too excited that in fact I woke up this morning with a thought, 'Alamak! I'm late!!' innocently thinking that it's THE day! Lols!

I always have a great interest in Politics which made me choose Law & Politics as one of my elective subjects at uni. I've to admit that although I really had expected that there were more knowledge & information on Malaysian politicals gained from the classes, nonetheless I did enjoy the classes (sometimes). Minus the presentation & the text book that came all the way from India where we sometimes had difficulty in interpreting the author's English. Hehe! And nobody got A for the subject rasanya :P

Politics per se isn't enough without having a strong foundation on things that govern us. You know, such things that drive out our hala tuju negara, the principal(s) that will keep us on track, the istiqamah, the amanah in exercising the authorities etc. Nak-nak kalau majoriti rakyat ialah Muslims where the government shouldn't be draculian & thus the importance of having a strong pillar to hold in. i.e religion

And for those who think 'Politik itu kotor' may this will help you in understanding it better

 Click here to read more

One of my favourite quotes which had been mentioned like 7363730 times in the classses by our lecturer & it's like a must have phase written in our essay scripts are "Too much power conferred in a government is dangerous & absolute government corrupts absolutely"

The point is, of course there's no such thing as perfect government as everybody has flaws & weaknesses, but we can work for it ayte? Instead of complaining, why don't we make a move by voting for a change? :)

Happy voting to all my fellow Malaysians! For those who haven't had a final say on which party they should vote for tomorrow, I pray may you make the wisest decision, Amin... May Allah make things easy for us tomorrow & help us to save Malaysia & our future generations. Amin & InsyaAllah...

Again, happy voting to all Malaysians!

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