Sunday, 5 May 2013

Of A First Time Voter

Assalamualaikum & hallo, loves!

So, PRU 13 was officially over at 5 p.m & when I'm writing this entry, I bet almost everybody is nervous waiting for the result. Which party did you vote for, anyway? PR or BN? ;)

It was my first time voting, so I was kind of nervous. And to make it worse, I left my new identification card (IC) at home & only realized it when we reached the voting centre i.e my primary school. Can you imagine how nervous I was? Luckily, I still kept my old IC & brought along my driving license. If not, memang kena buat u-turn balik rumah la amik IC

Buat u-turn ok lagi, yang part kena membebel yang paling tak sanggup. Hehe!

Met a lot of people I've known from the primary school. It was like a massive reunion except that I didn't enough courage to say hi to everyone. And true enough, macam semua dah berubahlah baik dari segi saiz badan *coughs* tahap kematangan etc

I'm quite nervous to wait for the election result tonight. Whatever the result will be, I pray it's for the betterment of Malaysia. Amin & InsyaAllah...

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