Monday, 6 May 2013

Of My Important Mission (Katanya)

Assalamualaikum, earthlings! How are you today?

The official PRU 13 result has been released but I'm not in the mood to write about if for some obvious reasons. Sigh! Lagipun, macam selalu je cakap pasal politik lately kan? Dah la blog pun kategori suam-suam kuku, nanti tak ada orang nak baca -.-' But I'm going to write about it soon anyway. Hehe!

As mentioned in my previous entry, I'm currently on a very important mission (bahahahaha!) to shed a few kg. But mannnn, it's not easy when you live in a state known for its delicious, cheap & fattening food! And to make it harder, delicious food can be found everywhere within the radar! *cries* 

Imagine having nasi kerabu ayam madu for breakfast, nasi daun pisang/nasi kukus/nasi sup for lunch & desserts like cek mek molek, pisang goreng etc & nasi again with some yummy lauk pauk for dinner at home. Nasi 3x sehari y'all! Tu tak kira top up nasi bila lauk sedap. Mahunya tak bagai di pam-pam daku ini

 My Mother's homemade nasi lemak *drools*

A few days ago, my Sister & I were in the car heading home from the office as usual; 

Kakak: Kato nak diet tapi makan banyok jugok 
Saya: Biarlah! I've been staying far away from home for so long! Now let me enjoy the foodddd! *emo tak semena-mena*

It's very hard, guys. It's very hard but I'll try my best to follow these 5 tips. It looks easy ayte? I mean, stop eating sugar & eat more fruit instead? Anytime! Eat healthy breakfast? Nasi kerabu is very healthy, you know? Got kerabu, taugeh & all

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