Sunday, 26 May 2013

Of Dilah's Engagement

Assalamualaikum & hallo earthlings!

Cuti sekolah sudah bermula which means the kenduri galore has started! Pheww! 

I honestly think that the government should really consider to not only give holidays to school kids & teachers, but to everyone as well as the school holiday is the third busiest time for the Malaysians after Raya/Chinese New Year & general election. Agree?

Anyway, our chambering friend, Dilah got engaged last Friday morning. Me, Aliaa & Aliaa's sister arrived at her house in Taman Harmoni, Panji around 10.30 a.m & Miss Fiancee was already dressed-up & couldn't stop complaining about her make-up. Malu katanya. Lols!

Miss ceria sokmo Fiancee

This girl always goes au naturale. So, I teased her that she should have really had some make-ups applied whenever she appeared before the Magistrate, Tn N. That was an inside joke, btw. Tak ape lah kalau y'all tak paham pong :P

Before the majlis
The rombongan pihak lelaki arrived when we just finished our makan-makan, so we didn't have the chance to physically present beside Dilah during the discussion. Huhu! But all went good, that's for sure! Alhamdulillah & we're so happy for them!

Lupa nak tanya what Dillah's fiance's name is

To Dilah, congratulations on your engagement, girlfriend! Finally, after 5 years of relationship, both of you are now just a step away to a legally binding contract. Hehe! We're looking forward for your wedding which I reckon will be happening soon after we finish our chambering in a month time! Woots!

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