Saturday, 25 May 2013

Of Rojak Entry

1. The not so long-awaited the Bar Council's Ethics & Professional Standards Course certificate that arrived in the office's mailbox on 14/05/2013. It means I passed the Ethics exam which I sat last month. No more nightmares! Alhamdulillah & yayyy!
2. Mimi's wedding reception at Kubang Kerian on 18/05/2013
3. My Mother's gebu lempeng for the breakfast. At first, ingatkan kuih ketayap. Hehe!
4. The pants that my Sister bought for me from Chiang Mai. I love the print! Wish that I'm hipster enough to wear them outside my house though
5. Somebody is getting married! Whoopedoo!
6. Headache day 2 yet still had time for selfie :P

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