Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Of Labour Day & Semangat Untuk Meng-makeover

Assalamualaikum & happy labour day, to all employees! It's so nice to get a day off ayte? So, do you have any special plan other than having some extra sleep in? ;)

I was one of those employees who was so excited to welcome the public holiday. So excited that I was so much in a makeover mood yesterday. I don't know how those 2 have nexus to each other but whatever. Haha!

It's been like 2 or 3 months since the last time I did something major to my bedroom. So, I changed the position of some furniture & the study table, folded & rearranged my clothes, wiped the dust, swept the floor twice, tidied up the bed sheet etc. It took me about 3 hours to finish tidying up everything (and about another 1 hour later massaging my Mother's feet while watching a match between Kelate vs Ayeyawady United FC. We won 3-1! Yayyy!) but the satisfaction is utterly priceless!

So mak-mak sangat ye?

 Thinking of giving away some of them so that I can allow some new ones to come in :P

 One of my favourite t-shirts but too bad there are red stains on it
Plus, I'm not that confident that I could still fit in it like I used to *cries*

Do you know that tidying up is very therapeutic? The feeling of seeing clothes folded & arranged according to its types & colours makes me happy. And since I'm a type of person where how well my day goes depending on how much I sleep the night before (bahahaha!), my bed needs to be the most comfortable place in the whole world! That's the reason why I can be in my room the whole day although my Sister think it's a sauna. Pfttt!

That makeover didn't stop there apparently as I was over rajin to give this blog a new fresh look too. Well, nothing much if you've noticed any. Lupa pulak to printscreen the old look

Btw, I found these two photos are very inspiring. How I wish I can paint my pink bedroom to white. Sigh!

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