Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Of PRU 13 & My Disappointment

Assalamualaikum & hallo everyone!

*serious mode: ON*

So, yes. I'm so disappointed with the recent PRU 13, the process, the election result, the aftermath & maybe it's not too much to say that my disappointment is also caused by the PM himself 

And SPR? *chuckles* 

Regardless the fact that I support the opposition party (isn't obvious from my previous posts? Hehe!), I don't remember having such a negative feeling towards the other previous PMs. In fact, there were at least some things about them that I like(d) & respect. Of course no government is perfect but it all depends on how you play your role & how you control the game

And with the PM's recent statement on Chinese voters being ungrateful, I dare to say that it has utterly shaken his own so-called 1Msia campaign. That, of course has caused uproars among the rakyats, the Chineses especially

 Utusan Melayu. Well, no surprise there

The New Zealand newspaper, yesterday. Taken from Fb

This is so sad :(

Imagine if we were the Chineses, being treated that way in our own country even after 56 years of Merdeka. I pray may Allah protect Malaysia regardless the races we're. I love my Chinese, Indian & other races brothers & sisters. We love Malaysia & we want the best not only for present but also for our future generations

For the sake of our country, can we just live happily like a big happy family without 'I am holier than thou' attitude? *big bear hug to all Malaysians*

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