Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Of Being Alone & Acting Like A Boss!

Assalamualaikum & hello world! Apa khabar?

I'm now alone in the office; Boss no.1/my Master has an appointment at the hospital, Boss no. 2 has a case at the High Court bersama anak-anak didiknya. We're currently have no staff as the previous one left us for a better offer at RISDA. Maka tinggallah daku terkebil-kebil sendirian ...

... like a boss! B-)

So, you can say that I'm not only a chambering student now but also a clerk who does all sorts of work from bukak office in the morning, jawab telefon, entertaining my Master goes to shopping malls or lunch or as my Master calls it 'keluar berpoya-poya (bahahaha! But true enough. I think I've spent half of my 9 month period berpoya-poya with her), buang sampah, taip surat, kunci office after everyone leaves etc

I'm now an office manager *flips tudung* but I don't mind. Nasib baik hari ni puasa, kalau tak geram jeee nak vacuum karpet office ni. Sabor je la ambo! 

And it's already 12th day of June. How fast time flies! About 2 weeks more & I'll be finishing my chambering/pupillage! WhoOpedoo!

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