Sunday, 2 June 2013

Of Being Cinderalla, Wedding, Nonchalant Rain & Cleopatra Chika

Assalamualaikum & happy Sunday, earthlings! 

I'm glad that today is public holiday! Happy birthday YDP Agong! May Allah bless you always! And Raja Permaisuri Agong looks so pretty in hijab, MasyaAllah. Couldn't help but to stare at their photo for almost 1 minute ok? Hehe!

Although I wish I could just spend the entire evening in my room alone, going out to a kenduri wasn't that bad actually ;)

1. The Mother gave me a mini lecture that I should exercise more i.e do more household chores. Yes yes, I got it -.-' So, after having a yummy breakfast this morning, I went downstairs & swept the floor like Cinderella *perasan*
2. On our way to Tumpat for the BIL's brother's wedding reception this afternoon. Do you love that beaded handbag? My Mother bought it from Mekah a few years ago
3. Congratulations Ustaz Hamidi & Kak Iza! I'll write about the majlis soon, when I've time. Hehe!
4. On our way back from the kenduri. Selekeh sudah sebab before that berhenti solat Zuhur (walhal memang selekeh sokmo. Lols!)
5. It was raining when we reached home. I utterly love the sound of raindrops; they made me feel nonchalant :)
6. Chika playing with the curtain. Feeling Cleopatra gamaknya budak kecik ni

Anyway, I've been down with flu fever since Thursday

The fun part about having flu fever is that you don't actually down with the flu like the usual flu i.e lying down on the bed all day long, no appetite to eat, feeling so weak etc but it's the running nose, coughs & sorethroat that make you feel down. Get it get it?

Thank Allah that my taste buds are still functioning well & I could still finish 1 bungkus of nasi kerabu ayam bakar like a champ. Hehe!

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