Saturday, 1 June 2013

Of Cutting Down The Nasi Intakes

Assalamualaikum & happy Saturday people!

Honestly, I'm so saddened by some people's remarks on my weight. I know gaining 4kg within 2 months is nothing to most of you but being me with a petite body frame, even gaining 1kg could do wonder(s), especially to my facial shape. And it doesn't help too when you were born with a bulat shaped face

 The evidence. Double chins siap!

But I believe, there are nicer ways to say it to me. Not with 'Eh, dah gemuk sekarang!' or 'Muka chubby macam nak pecah'. Those lines aren't nice especially when you aren't that close with that person or you haven't met her for months. Then suddenly jumpa terus nak komen bagai

Fyi, that person is me. Kecik hati kitteww! T_T

And don't get me started on how different people may treat you merely based on your appearance & weight. Too bad we're living in society where apperance comes first before the attitude/akhlak, personality & aptitude. Just because somebody is XL, XXL etc or bigger than you, it doesn't mean his/her acceptance of remarks of his/her body is also huge where you can literally throw any words straight onto his/her face. We also got feeling you know. Sobs!

Anyway, wish me luck with my health resolution. Amin... Beside exercises, I've been cutting down the nasi intakes & other jajans too. To be honest, it isn't that easy when you've perut cap melayu asli yang selalu minta di isi & tak boleh skip meals, nanti gastrik pulok

From L to R; 22/04/2013 - 05/05/2013 - 30/05/2013
Macam tak banyak beza sangat but come on, come on mek! You can do it! You need to shed 3kg more, alright?

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