Saturday, 29 June 2013

Of Rilakkuma Hp Casing & Dilema Orang Yang Berumur Suku Abad

Assalamualaikum & happy Saturday, love!

So, last 2 weeks my friend, Diha & I went to KB Mall right after the office hours. We jalan-jalan aimlessly & makan-makan while having so much fun & laughter. Oh, we also camwhored a bit! It's funny to think that although we went to the same secondary school a few years ago, our friendship started to actually blossom after we finished unis as we belonged to different sets of friends back then & never were in the same class nor house. Hehe!

Diha works at HUSM, Kubang Kerian. So, she gets to see & meet handsome HO & MO everyday! Lucky girl! :P

 And both of us are also single T_T

We were just having our Cool Blog drinks (because we don't have Chatime here, people! Sobs!) when my eyes caught something cute hanging at one of the booths near the escalator. Something which looks like this;

I'm a sucker for anything cute, which is quite annoying sometimes because most of the times, I can't decide which one to choose, either brown or blue. Sigh! And honestly, I didn't know what the character's name is (until a few mins ago!), but I was pretty sure it's a bear & it has a white round tummy. So, its name is Rikkuma Rilakkuma, a Japanese character & my handphone never looks happier than it's now!

Except that mine is not Iphone 4s T_T

I've been receiving a few comments about how happy it is (especially that cute popping ears. Hehe!) & although it looks less professional (bears, lawyers & judges can never be bff, guys!), I still did bring it with me to the court or anywhere I go

Dilema orang yang berumur suku abad mode: ON

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