Monday, 29 July 2013

Of Little Kids, Mini Concert & Terawikh

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Apo kaba belakee?

I was praying solat terawikh at the masjid near my house last week when suddenly a group of kids decided to make a mini concert at the back of the masjid

(I forgot the first 2 lines)
Apa boleh buat tah* kambing bulat
Boleh buat ubat
Untuk orang kuat

Okay, maybe I don't get the lyrics right but the song is very familiar right? Is it from P.Ramlee's movie or something? And as if the first time isn't enough, they repeated singing the song 3 or 4 times. And it was loud enough that the whole masjid could hear them! MasyaAllah! Hahahaha! What a bunch of innocent souls! I had to tahan myself from laughing 

For some parents, bringing little kids to masjid would be their last option for an obvious reason; they're prone to make noise during prayers. Well, it's true but kids are kids regardless the place they're at. For example, while visiting a very sick cousin of mine at HUSM 2 weeks ago, my 2 anak sepupu boleh pulak main kejar-kejar in the ward dengan riang-rianya -.-'

However, in my humble opinion, I don't see why we should restrain parents from bringing along their little ones to masjid. Tapi, before bawak anak-anak datang masjid tu, mungkin kena bagi tazkirah sikit la kat depa mintak behave jangan over sangat kegembiraannya. Kalau bising juga tahap sampai main mercun dalam masjid, mohon piat telinga depa sebagai upah

Anyhow, I remember masjid as a happy place when I was a kid

  • First, for its spacious space where me & my cousins/friends can play or just simply golek-golek or pretending we're swimming in the sea. Hehe! 
  • Second, it was like a meeting place after school. I met & made some new friends there and even exchange raya cards! Those happy innocent days! 
  • Third, although I didn't really play attention to the terawikh prayers (I was just 6 or 7, so you can't blame me! :P), but it was such a great exposure to me. Seronok la tengok ramai datang masjid!

And other benefits 
And my Terawikh night
Is beautiful by
Looking at these tiny little kids
Running around while others are praying
Running around after they finishes their prayer
Beautiful in the sense that
They has been trained to come to the mosque at this age
Looking at them make my heart smile
Again and again :)

May Allah bless these kids & bila besar nanti, jadi ustaz/ustazah bagi ceramah or tazkirah kat masjid. Okay? ;)
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