Friday, 19 July 2013

Open The Fast

Oh My English sangat titlenya :P

Anyway, Assalamualaikum & jumma mubarak everyone!

I had an iftar with my other 13 chambering friends (I think I need to think of another name for this group as 2/3 of us have already finished their chambering & dah jadi lawyer pun) + an intern last Thursday at Betel Valley Steamboat & Grill Restaurant. The restaurant is situated at Lembah Sirih, K.Bharu, opposite the bus station & near Tesco

Since me, Ira & our intern, Alia came straight from the office, we think it would be best if we perform our Maghrib first before heading to the restaurant. So, surau Tesco adalah destinasi kami where we had some girls' bimbo time & some good laugh while waiting for azan. Girls will always be girls, alright? Hehe!

Glowing-glowing gitteww

The restaurant was full house when we arrived. Adik-adik from MRSM Pasir Tumboh pun ado. I chose to sit with  Alia MJ, Muiz & Shauki sebab tengok steamboat plate Muiz & Shauki dah full with meat, chicken & all. Tinggal nak ngap sajor. Maka, marilah mengambil peluang atas kesempatan yang ada. Bila lagi juniors nak berkhidmat kepada seniors kan? :P

Left the place at 9 something with heavier tummies. I should have uploaded our group photo here tapi kualiti gambar adalah sangat menyedihkan sebab mintak tolong dengan one MRSM boy ni tolong ambikkan gambar. Maybe dia kenyang berdo'oh T_T

With some of the girls, plus Nik Aida who had to leave early

My comment?

I was informed that they just started their business a few weeks ago, so considering that they're still a pretty much newbie dalam industri steamboat, I think they're doing okay. They have a variety of hot & cold drinks to choose, goreng-goreng food like nasi goreng, kuew tiau etc & also ice-cream! Mungkin soup la kena adjust sikit the flavour. Otherwise, everything was just fine :)

It's a buffet restaurant, so you can eat as much as you want for RM25/per person

PT 345 & 346 Rumah Kedai Lembah Sireh, 15050 Kota Bharu, Kelantan
 012-9568500, 09-7470623

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