Sunday, 11 August 2013


I know some people think I'm complicated (though they never said it straight to my face but I just knew) but deep down inside, I know what I'm made of, I know what I want & I'm pretty aware of what I seek in this life

I remember attending an interview last April when I surprised the interviewers with my answer that for me, money isn't everything (and yes, I didn't get the job. Bahahaha!). I know the importance of money in this cookie cutter world, I'm perfectly informed of it but I just feel uncomfortable how madly passionate people can be in the name of money. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against them. In fact, I've a cousin who works with a company, earns RM83k per month (or perhaps more!) & I'm so proud of him

Well, maybe it's true that I'm complicated

While I'm writing this, my mind works like a projector, showing some gorgeous pictures of some wooden houses in Kedah/Penang, surrounded by green sawah padi & sungai. Just like the ones I saw during my visit to one of the kampung in Jitra in 1993. I remember how serene everything was, the people were warm & friendly, me & my family really had a great time there (it was a few weeks/months after the demise of my first sister, arwah Kak Ni). After all,  I'm a kampung girl; inside & outside

Perhaps, all I need now is just a vacation to a place where my heart & mind are familiar with

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