Monday, 19 August 2013

Minor Change

Assalamualaikum & bonjour! Comment ca-va? Comment tu t'appelle? 

I can't remember the last time I did some changes to my blog. It must be a month ago or perhaps more. Honestly, I've gotten bored seeing the previous header no matter how much I love it because let's face it, nobody wore the same baju for 30 days in a row


But I've been occupied with some works at the firm lately & working with a slow pc when you've a lot of things to do isn't fun either. Sokmo hangin mek tawww? Tenseng! And that somehow has pretty dried up my creative juice yang ala mati segan hidup tidak mahu itu. So, by the time I finish my Isya' prayer, the only things that I need are my bed, my pillows & off we go to LalaLand

But Soleil M's gotta do what she's gotta do


Macam tak banyak je changes done but at least, ado la jugok perubahangnye. Hehe!

P/s: Please don't forget to make some doa to our brothers & sisters in Egypt & recite al-Fatihah to the martyrs. We may not present there physically but our thoughts & doa are very much appreciated by them

"Dan janganlah kamu mengatakan terhadap orang-orang yang gugur di jalan Allah, (bahawa mereka itu) mati; bahkan (sebenarnya) mereka itu hidup, tetapi kamu tidak menyedarinya".
(Al Baqarah : 154)

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