Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Big Day (Versi Hitam Putih)

Assalamualaikum & how are you, earthlings?

2 days left before my big day

Lols! Big day la sangat. Itu pun if you consider my admission as an advocate & solicitor at the High Court Malaya aka the Long Call as the big day lah. Finally after 1 year of Pre Degree Law + 3 years of Bach. Of Legal Studies (Hons) + 1 year of LL.B + 9 months of pupillage/chambering, I'm just a step away to becoming a lawyer. Alhamdulillah. What a long journey, a very tiring & challenging one or more like a roller coaster ride with ups & downs. All praises to Allah The Almighty & of course dear family & friends for making all these possible

Nonetheless, I'm so excited! Yayyy!

Me & my other 6 friends have been working very hard to ensure that everything will go smoothly as planned this Thursday. May Allah help us & make things easy. Janganlah ada drama at 11th hour, Ya Allah

Since my blog has been visited frequently by people searching for some info about chambering/pupillage, I think, this needs a special post of its own; starting from Form 6-8, the things you need to do & the preparation for this big day. When I've time it is, InsyaAllah

Oh, in case any of you want some notes & past year questions for Ethics Exam, you may e-mail me at suria.muhammad@gmail.com :)

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