Friday, 20 September 2013

A Few Random Things

Nothing. Just pictures of yours truly being poyo amidst work & all. Lols!
*muntah dalam diam*

Assalamualaikum & apa khabar semua? How's your Friday so far? Mine is awesome!! (this is an auto-published post. So, probably I'm still in LalaLand when this is published :P)

Just a few random things that I feel like sharing;

  • I'm yearning for a weekend getaway or just a short holiday. I realized that I haven't taken any leave since I started my chambering in September last year, except when I had an assessment, exams, interviews & urusan filing di KL. Tu pun bukannya holiday. And oh, a day off too when I received an MC a few months ago. Even my Parents asked me to take a leave

  • I've been feeling so tired & stressful these days & I take that as a message conveyed by my zonked body trying to tell me that I'm not a robot :( But I always have this love & hate relationship with my job. Selalu sampai termimpi-mimpi & everytime dapat new tasks from the boss, rasa excited tak semena-mena. I think I'm a workaholic

  • I'm so emotionally attached to my bunnies, kittens & cats. I'll make sure that I'll spend at least 15 minutes everyday with them after I come back from work. I love them so much & I hate seeing how fast they grow up! And 2 of my kittens died this week. RIP honey :(

  • My cousins, Ridhuan & Rayyan are now spending their holidays in Malaysia (both of them studying at Al-Azhar Uni, Egypt) together with their 2 month plus old son, Muhammad Yusuf. But Cik Sue has been too busy lately & after almost 2 weeks ther're home, baru semalam sempat jumpa dorang & spent almost 1 hour chit-chatting & riba-ing baby Yusuf. Yayyy! Finally! Wish Cik Sue could kiss you tapi sebab comot baru balik kerja, Cik Sue postpone next time okay? Tunggu!

  • While some of my friends (old & new), schoolmates etc are busy upgrading their life status from single to being double, triple etc, I'm still at the takuk lama. Yes, I'm still single. Like very single? Lols!

  • I'll be a first time aunty by the end of this month. InsyaAllah. I really don't know whether I've been mentally & physically ready for this. But a thing for sure, my future nephew is going to call me Mama Sue ;) 

  • I watched a lot of youtube videos on home & room tours lately that my mind has been getting a lot of inspirations. (this, this & this are some of my fav! I could spend hoursss watching them! *drools*) Like last Monday morning, I woke up & instantly changed my bedsheet, rearranged the furnitures in my bedroom etc. Terlampau rajin sampai scrub lantai toilet & kemas rumah kucin bagai. Fuhhh! If only I've more money to buy all those fancy stuff & have a bigger bedroom too! But first, must find out how to make my table at the firm looks nice. Oh fresh flowers, if only you could come to my table everyday!

  • Been listening to Sheila on 7's songs a lot these days that I think I can actually speak bahasa Indonesia dengan baik sekali. Koya je ni memandangkan bahasa Kelante tetap di hatiku 

  • I truly believe that Allah has a better plan for me for all my unanswered doas. I may not understand them now but sooner or later, I know I will. InsyaAllah. Now, let's keep on praying, be posi+ve & have more faith in Him!

  • I better stop. Bye & hallo weekend!

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