Thursday, 19 September 2013

My Pre Convocation Shot (Finally, After Almost A Year!)

Assalamualaikum & happy Thursday earthlings!

I can't believe that it took me almost a year before I finally have time to blog about my LL.B (Hons) convocation day. I hereby declare myself as a princess of procrastinator, ladies & gentlemen! *blows nails*

Oh, before I started flooding this post with the convocation pictures which I'm going to do a separate post on it (whenever I'm rajin), allow me to share some photos of me & some of my girlfriends taken a day before the big day at Dataran Shah Alam. Unfortunately, some of us (Syairah, Intan, Atul, Qat, Anis Bonda & others) couldn't make it, kalau tak lagi meriah

Oh, how I miss the 'Law Student' title. It sounds less stressful than a 'Lawyer'
Tiba-tiba terus rasa tua! Gahhh!

I've to admit that I didn't belong to any specific group of friends during my Law School days but of course, I've some that I call 'my favourite people' whom I always them keep close to my heart & keep missing them everyday even during my randomest moments

And I certainly wish I was more outgoing & friendlier back then but Cookie (my nickname among my UiTM friends) was too shy sometimes. Or perhaps, my lack of self-confidence & low self-esteem always curbed me from being a social butterfly :)

But at least, I survived Law School with 2 law degress*. Alhamdulillah & woohoO!

*Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) upon completing my first 3 years at Law School, followed by LL.B (Hons) a year later. Only at UiTM :)

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