Thursday, 12 September 2013

Of Alia, The Intern & Girl Power

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I'm so glad that tomorrow is Friday because truth be told, the past 5 working days were quite stressful. At the end of the working hours, all I wanted to do was to go back to my bedroom & sleepppp. And when my body & mind weren't at ease, even having 9 hours of sleep didn't help because the next day I would wake up to a set of bulky & tiring eyes. 

So so so attractive

Anyway, last 2 weeks was Alia's final day of internship at our firm after berhempas-pulas (inside jokes among us at the firm :P) selama 3 bulan di sini. Alia's my SciPPian senior's sister-in-law & before I got to know her personally, I mean secara depan-depan (?), I used to stalk her blog for quite some times & was quite surprised when I read her resume before she started her internship sebab macam 'Eh, I know this girl! I read her blog!'
I know rightttt! I'm such a stalker. Lols!

Alia & En H's chair
Gambar ini adalah sangat deep

Farewell lunch at Four Seasons Restaurant near our firm
From L to R; Ira (En H's chambering), Pn H (my Master/Boss), En H, Kak Ila (our staff), Alia & yours truly

Nampak macam sebaya tak? :P

I always love having some girls at the firm because there will always a lot fun topics to talk about, jokes to laugh at & fun things to do. Oh, bimbo moments pun ada macam beli air tebu drive thru. Lols! Coming from a petite family of 4 (then 5 when the Bro-in-law joined us in 2008), I definitely love & appreciate happening & lively circle of people around me. The more the merrier, alright?! And being with these 2 girls was so fun!

Tqvm Alia for being a part of our firm although for only 3 months. Looking forward for your uni break(s) so that we can berhoorey-hoorey again like we used to. And please ambik yang jernih & buang yang jernih dari kelakuan kakak-kakak awak berdua ini. I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about ya? :P

And we miss you! Study rajin-rajin & hurry hurry join the black & white family!

Alia's the youngest yet the tallest among us 3 obviously -.-'
And oh, all of us came from 3 differents girls' boarding schools. Girl power!

I'll definitely miss Ira too when she finishes her chambering this December. Jangan tinggal daku~~ Sobs sobs! :(

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