Saturday, 14 September 2013

Product Review: The Body Shop Skin Care

Assalamualaikum & hallo earthlings! How are you today?

When it comes to skin care, I often opt something with natural ingredients, not over-drying & most importantly, must worth every cent spent!

Ever since I hit puberty (which I daresay it's done wonders to most of us, including those uncontrollable & uninviting zits especially during that period. If you know what I mean), I had tried countless of skin care products from cheap to expensive, traditional to modern, pills, cream to liquid, known to well-known names etc

I had always wanted to try The Body Shop Skin Care for its good reviews & recommendations from friends tapi masa tu masih di uni, financial didn't allow us to get to know each other yet. Macam cinta terhalang, gittew. It was until October last year that I finally had my hands on them. My very first The Body Shop product I tried was this best seller facial wash;

It was good; not over-drying & was very gentle to my skin. My Mother even approved this after using it too. Although the blemishes didn't totally disappear but at least, my face looked clearer & should I say, healthier?

Kemudian, gatal nak try Seaweed Skin Care Kit pulak sebab masa tu famous orang cakap makan seaweed boleh buat awet muda, kulit glowing gittew. Memang sah mangsa peer influence.

Other than its main ingredient yakni seaweed, one of the main reasons why I bought this kit was because of its serene blue & cute mesh bag which is also great for traveling. Haih! Lemah betul godaan. This kit includes;

The good thing about seaweed products is the cooling affect they give to your skin & they smell nice too. My favourite among that 4 products is Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream

I then decided that I love Tree Tree so much, I bought its skin care kit. Hehe!

The Body Shop Tea Tree range is one of their best seller products widely known around the world, which explains why they always run out of stock for this kit. This kit which comes with a cute reusable mesh bag includes;

I must to admit that I love love love this kit for some various reasons, especially the Tree Tree Oil. Not only the products work best with my skin & a great travel companion, they also lasted for about 2 months except for the toner sebab not everyday pakai

I totally recommend this kit to anyone. Ye lah, nak beli saiz besar terus takut tak sesuai pulak dengan kulit but InsyaAllah, this kit will work fine with you too :)

I went to The Body Shop, KB Mall several times to purchase another Tea Tree Skin Care kit but they're out of stock. I even went to the one in KLCC in July but received the similar answer. Even at the website! Hot sangat kit ni, sold out jadinya. Sobs!

So,  I ended buying these 3 instead last week;

I spent RM112.80 on these after getting 20% off from buying the first 2 products which entitled me The Body Shop membership. Finally! :P

Oh btw, other than Tea Tree & Seaweed Skin Care Kits, you may also try Aloe Skin Care Kit, Vitamin E Skin Care Kit & For Men Maca Root Skin Care Kit

So, that's it. No more beauty product purchase until November. Sekian

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