Thursday, 5 September 2013

Of My 2.9 Inch Black Shoes

When it comes to shoes I'm going to wear at court, comfort is the most important thing in my checklist because you definitely don't want to hurt your feet or stumble on the runway i.e the court compound. Plus, walking/running here & there & those long hours waiting at the court aren't very fun (except, when you're with a good & fun chatty company. Kalau macam ni, borak 3 jam pun no problem. Lols!

Thus a pair of good shoes is a very good investment for my oh so beloved feet

For my recent Long Call/Admission as an advocate & solicitor, my Mother was very generous to get me a pair of Dr. Cardin black shoes (after searching high & low for 2 hours. Oh Allah, bless my Mother for being so patient with me. Hehe!)

My first Dr. Cardin shoes, obviously

It was love at a first sight & when I slipped my sized 5 feet into the pair, I know I must bring these babies home. Love the confident feeling they give me, simple & yes, I'm one of those big girls who love to have ribbons attached to my shoes. Hehe!

But have they been so kind to my feet?

During the first day, yakni my Long Call, my feel hurt so bad for walking non-stop for 8 hours that I wished I could just walk bare-footed in the court. Probably, because I didn't bite them first before they bite me? T_T

But as days passed by, we're now best friends! Now, I can literally run in them like a pro! So light & most importantly, they make me 7.5 cm or 2.9 inch taller. Fefeeling tinggi terus mek! But of course, sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit. Inikan pula dengan kasut baru

I thought mine are 5 inches, tapi bila measure tadi, rupanya 2.9 inches sajorrr. Baru 2.9 pun dah jatuh bersimpuh di atas tangga (while Abah just watched me fall -.-'), imagine kalau 5 inches, adakah akan jatuh tersungkur menyembah bumi?

Nonetheless, I pray that the incident will be the last one for us! Amin...

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