Saturday, 7 September 2013

Cocoon-ed Me

Assalamualaikum & hallo everyone!

Our home internet connection was down for a couple of days & finally, things get back to normal after 2 calls to TM Net. Hence, the hiatus

I don't subscribe to mobile internet unless when I'm on road trip or out station. So, when the internet connection goes loony, I know I must have something fun to keep myself amused, accompanied or at least at ease. So, I opted for;

  • Playing The Sims
  • Reading a novel, Divas Don't Knit which I bought last April. Need to get my reading habit back on the track
  • Cleaning my room, folding the bajus etc
  • Keeping myself busy with my 3 bunnies & cats. Oh, our Mek Comel just delivered 4 kittens last 3 days! (4/9/2013) We couldn't tell who the father is. Lols!
  • Sleeping!

Sometimes I think I'm such an anti-social person. I do enjoy spending time with my friends & family but most of the times, I really treasure some me-times alone in my bedroom. It's like being in a cocoon, only that it's more comfortable & I can go to the kitchen, bathroom or watch tv whenever I want. Hehe!

Perhaps, because there are a lot of unhappy things happening around (Syria, Egypt, 20sen, self created dilemma yada yada yada), the optimist me decided to keep my life shut from anyone & pretend to forget the gloomy chapters

Tomorrow is Sunday. I've to follow my boss to Kompleks Mahkamah P.Mas early in the morning & I still owe her a submission which I haven't started yet. Not even a single word typed. Oh great!

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