Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Skip The Diet. Just Eat Healthy

Assalamualaikum & bonjour!

I must admit that my diet plan has all gone haywire

I've nobody to blame on this but my lack of dicipline to say no to nasi & 2 balangs of biskut raya that my boss brought to the office. Snacking while doing works has become my habit, especially when I was too occupied with my works & under pressure. It was the time when I really wanted something to munch to keep myself sane

Ok, I'm exaggerating of course but you know that women & snacking are inseparable. Hehe!

My current weight is between 45 - 46 kg & my BMI is 19.65 (click here to calculate yours). I think I need to get back to my cycling routine, just to feel good & ditch that guilty feeling I've whenever I munch that yummy biskut raya. Must be kuat iman to control my bunny appetite (Why bunny? Because bunnies eat non-stop yet still look so adoringly cute!!), eat healthy & drink a lot of water

But at least, I've stopped receiving comments saying that I look chubby. Now, that's what I call an achievement, beside managed to shed 3 kg. WoohoO!

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