Friday, 25 October 2013

Ahmad Umar Harith

Ahmad Umar Harith bin Muhamad Anuar

My nephew is 25 days old today. Alhamdulillah! From a not so tiny little baby of 3.43 kg, he's now growing up so fast, demanding milk like every hour & immediately after that, kena tukar nappy pulak. Fuh! Sistem penyahtinjaan awak sangat bagus, Umar!

I never had an experience with babies before, except with my anak sepupu, Nabil when he was 3 months old where I got a chance to baby sit him for 2 weeks when I was 18. So, having this helpless nephew living under one roof with us is totally an alien concept to me. Although I've always been the youngest one in the family, I really don't mind when everybody's attention has shifted to him. Mungkin Tommy la rasa very neglected lately. Lols! Pity that guy! Suddenly, Umar's become everybody's attention & all of us will just sit around him admiring him whilst he's sleeping. And when he makes an 'erkkk' sounds which is his secret code of saying "I want Mama's milk now! Nowww!", everybody knows that it means that his request must be fulfilled time tu juga! Gelabah habis semua orang. Lols!

But all in all, Umar's such a very easy baby & he likes to sleep a lot too. Ok, that one I know where he gets it from. Kehkeh! And he already can senyum-senyum :)

 Umar with his Atok & Nenek (the BIL's parents)

Check out my biceps, yo!

May I confess something?

Until now, I haven't had the guts to hold Umar. The most I did was changing his socks T_T I know rightttt? I'm probably one of the most horrible aunties in the whole wide world! And every time my Sister changed his nappy & said "Bila Mama Sue nak tukar diaper Umar ni?", I would quickly run away & say bye. Because why? Seeing his angry bird makes me go blushing -.-'

This is the dilemma of being the youngest child for so longggg, having Abah as the only male in the house before the BIL joined us in 2008 & went to a girls' boarding school for 5 years. Pfttt!

So, sorry Umar! Mama Sue tunggu awak 1 month & a half at least then nanti Mama Sue play my role ok? But I love you very muchhhhh! You can't dispute that

Oh, I think I owe him one post about his recent majlis akikah

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