Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lelaki Kacak

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Happy rainy Sunday!

A friend shared this at the whassap group the other day;

Couldn't help but to share this around. Rajin benau orang yang buat research ni kan? Of course different people would react differently to this, including those people whose their profession mentioned on the top 2 in the list. Lols!

Well, if you ask me, I think it's the intelligence & charisma that make people look smart :)

Since I enrolled into UiTM Law School (which seems to be a gazillion years ago. I feel old! *cries*) & right until this moment; seeing, working with & being surrounded with men in black & white has become a norm. I remember when I was in the first year at the Law School, one of our lecturers once said, "Now je you all tengok the guys pakai selekeh & you all tak pandang. Wait until they dress in black & white"

We were still clueless at that time. I mean, there's nothing attractive about our guys in our class, coming to the class with casual collared shirt, jeans & bag (or just file, pencil case, some papers or lenggang-lenggang bawa pen je. Pfttt!) but true indeed, there's something attractive about men in black & white. Something that makes them look confident & like I said, smart & charismatic. Like Harvey Specter!

Sorry lah if bias sikit. Hehe!

As for me, I'm now at the stage where good look per se won't buy my attention. Tipula cakap masa muda remaja dulu tak pandang rupa, taste nak mata sepet ajeee & cool macam Duta Sheila on 7 je oiii. Lols! But been raised up in the family which appreciates education (and religion, I must add), the brain tops up the list. The smarter you're, the more comfortable I'm with you & of course, the more points you score. Hehe!

I don't mean to despise or look down on less educated guys. If any of you feel that way, I'm truly sorry. In my very humble opinion, look per se isn't enough nowadays but being witty is. But good look + wit = JACKPOT!

So, if anyone comes to me & say "Look! Handsome guy at 3 o'clock", he/she won't probably make my head turn but if he/she says "Wehhh, 3 o'clock weh! A ___________ *insert any cool job here*", that would probably make my head turns, or probably spins :P

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