Monday, 28 October 2013

Random Notes

My current desktop wallpaper at the office

Assalamualaikum & hallo! Some random notes because I love being random;

  • I wish I can be louder or more honest here, like I used to be. But the thought of being clueless on who reads my blog holds me from being that. How if anak makcik jiran sebelah reads mine? Or orang office atas? Or kawan kepada kawan who knows that one of my hobbies when I was small was main pondok-pondok with my cousins & I always acted as a mak yang bersifat diktator?
  • I wish I can just simply delete some of the bad things or memories from my mind. And wouldn't it be good if you can choose which stories that suit your liking & lepas tu baru register masuk dalam kepala? 
  • I'm addicted to cleaning & rearranging. I even told the people at the office that I want to be a part time Radicare janitor at Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, K.Bharu. I heard the gaji boleh tahan. Setakat sapu-sapu & mop apalah sangat. Cleaning makes me happy! :D
  • I'm no longer a person who likes to talk on the phone, unless it's very important or urgent. Even the sound of ringing telephone at the office can annoy me. I remember when I was in secondary school, I was so addicted talking on the phone, phone bill pernah sampai RM400. Kehkehkeh! Deskmate dalam kelas je pun nak cakap for hours bagai. Like, hello! You two were staying at the hostel, satu kelas & meja sebelah-sebelah pulak tu. Wasn't it enough? Pfttt! But dulu keeping handphone at school & hostel was illegal. Masuk Form 5 baru pandai nak smuggle, tu pun near & during SPM. So, bila pulang bermalam once in a month, terus jakun kejap jumpa telefon
  • I'm currently addicted listening to Bagaikan Sakti by M.Nasir & Siti Nurhaliza. Nak nyanyi feeling-feeling tak ingat lirik, so I've been repeating "Cinta ini hakikatnyaaaaaa" a lot lately :P
  • Kelate cuti 3 days next week! Yayyyy! Sunday - cuti Deepavali yang di bring forward. Monday - cuti bola, Kelate vs Pahang. Tuesday - Maal Hijrah. I haven't had any plan yet but gatainyaaa rasa nak jalan-jalan habiskan duit or makan-makan!
  • Been cutting off a lot of nasi intakes lately. Nafsu gajah yang dulu pergi mana tak tahu
  • Looking forward to visiting my friend, Qatrin & others  at Penang next February. Oh Allah, please make this plan jadi. I'm so yearning for a weekend getaway & I haven't met them since our LL.B graduation in November last year. Rindu please semua oranggg!

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