Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Al-Fatihah ...

17/11/2013 - Wad Mahsuri, Level 3, Katil No. 24, HRPZ II

Received a sad news this morning about the demise of arwah Abang Wae, the K.Bharu High Court staff

Arwah was in charge of the affairs of chambering students in Kelantan, so he was very dear to us. He was like a father, friendly & funny. The last time I met arwah was on 31/10 for some matters regarding my copies of Perintah Long Call & I actually still have one matter pending that I'm yet to settle. Went to the court last Wednesday to meet him but was told that he was on leave

Last Sunday, me & some of my friends went to visit him at Wad Mahsuri Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II, K.Bharu. Honestly, I didn't expect that he would be that sick. I mean really sick. He was half conscious & his bed was surrounded by his family, relatives & other court staff. We didn't get a chance to say our final goodbye & honestly, I feel bad :(

Tqvm to arwah for helping us a lot during chambering. Banyak menyusahkan arwah with all the paperwork, complains & all. Budi arwah hanya Allah dapat membalasnya. May his soul rest in eternal peace & placed amongst His righteous servants. Amin. Al-fatihah...

‘Every soul will taste death. And We test you with evil and good as trial; and to Us you will be returned’  
 - (Surah al-Anbiyaa 21:35)

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