Wednesday, 20 November 2013


I'm naturally a thinker

I think about a lot of things everyday even about things which are totally non related with me. At times, I do it on purpose but most of the times, the thoughts just voluntarily come clouding my mind like a kid gets attracted to a toy store

It's exhausted, especially when I just have a tiring day at work or a bad day or pms-ed day etc & all I want to have is a very good night's sleep & not wake up the next day with a set of attractive eye bags sebesar bola golf

Anyway, sebenarnya nak cakap yang for yearsssss, I always have the same pattern of nightmares. And my nightmares bukannya yang jenis dikejar hantus or binatang-binatang buas seperti singa, harimau & khinzir. Tetapi my nightmares are always exam related & truth be told, it happened almost every week, or at least once in a month. Sigh! Maunya tak gelabah mek malam-malam dok mimpi pasal exam jahhh. Pernah sampai termenangis & bila tersedar tu lega gilaaa

Anyway, here are some of my recent nightmares that I had this week

  • It was supposed to be the day I sat for my Biology paper 3 but macam mana ntah boleh pulak tak tahu ada exam hari tu. I didn't do my homework, I didn't study & I was late for the test! And my biology teacher was my Advanced Criminal Procedure II lecturer at UiTM yakni Puan H.K. Lol! So random!
  • I was sitting for my UPSR. And I don't know what I did sampai distracted sangat tak sempat jawab 2 soalan essay. I was panicked. So, what I did was I hid the exam script under my desk & tried to write as fast as possible even when the cikgu pengawas peperiksaan dah collect all the papers. I even had the guts to meniru. Sigh!

Mimpi banyak on SPM papers la mostly. I guess, I haven't fully redha-ed yet with my SPM result although it's been years ago. It wasn't that bad actually but I think I could have done better (ayat standard semua orang bila result adalah seperti yang tidak dijangka). Maka, adakah perlu amik SPM lagi sekali bagi mengelakkan daku daripada terus diselubungi nightmares tentang exam?

And you know what I usually tell myself everytime I awake from the nightmares? 

"Dah-dah la oiiii mimpi pasal exam. I'm already a lawyer kot now?"


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