Friday, 22 March 2013

SPM 2012 Result

Assalamualaikum & jumma mubarak, brothers & sisters!

So, the SPM 2012 result was out yesterday

I'm not going to bore you with my stories about the day I collected my result because nothing extraordinary happened back then. Maklumlah, result mek pun biasa-biasa sahaja :')

Studying in a boarding school, you're expected to be smart & hardworking. I've to admit that I did pretty well during my lower forms i.e Form 1-3 (well, tak ada lah sampai Top 3 in the batch but ok la kan being ranked no. 27 from 140 students. Nak jugakkkk kann? Huhu!) but things went a bit twisted during upper forms. I didn't blame the debates but my lack of interest in science subjects

I liked History, Physics & English in Science & Technology (EST) but I always found that Biology, Chemistry & Add Math were very boring. Ada jugak la faktor-faktor lain yang menyumbang but I'll keep them to myself. Hehe! So, imagine being in the science school but hate science subjects, perasaan dia macam dirantai oleh rantai besi gittew!

My SPM result wasn't that good, sekadar cukup syarat to apply for MARA Overseas Scholarship (TESL). I went for the interview yet I screwed it. Lols! Hence, my dream of reading TESL at Uni of Auckland hancur musnah begitu sahaja. And at that time, I was stuck at Matriculation College, being the Biological Science student, something which I didn't like at all. I still remember waking up in the early morning a few days before the final exam, trying & pushing myself to study Biology but ended up sweating & crying because I hate what I was doing at the time

Sigh! Nightmaresss!

My point is, do things that you love. Jangan ikut orang, do researches & studies, ask around for opinions or questions & most importantly, know what you really want to do. Like me, I went to Matriculation programme because it was like a must go place for everyone after SPM (except if your result is good enough, you got to enroll into Preparatory programmes at any college or buat diploma). Tak semestinya buat diploma tak bagus. In fact, diploma students do have a lot advantages bila buat degree

To adik-adik who just got your SPM results, Alhamdulillah & congratulations for the flying colours result. All hard work paid up, ayte? For those who're in the same boat with me i.e the-not-so-cemerlang-all-A's-SPM result, don't worry! It's not the end of the world yet! SPM isn't the life yardstick; cemerlang SPM doesn't necessarily guarantee a very bright future ahead, alright? And please remove that cliche thoughts that courses like medicine, engineers etc je yang hip. There're a lot of other cool courses kat luar sana. Rezeki masing-masing, Allah itu kan Maha Adil? :)

Quoting my master, "Kak Ti ni belajar law sampai ke UK, tapi orang ada SPM yang buat business lagi kaya dari kita"


Feel free to e-mail me at if you've anything to ask about reading law, especially at UiTM Law Faculty. As an alumni (tua sudahhh rasanya!), I'll be more than happy to help, InsyaAllah

Sempat lagi promote! Hehe!

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