Saturday, 2 November 2013

He Knows & He Listens

Assalamualaikum & happy Saturday!

I've a confession to make. I've been keeping this since Sunday but I guess, other than making a lot of doa & sharing this with my friends & Sister, I need to write it here

I'm now at the lowest point of my life

A lot of things have been going on since last Sunday. When I thought I've found the solution, another problem came up. One after another. I've been trying all sorts of solutions, trying to be calm, trying to be positive & trying to believe in myself that sooner or later, everything's going to be ok

Amidst all the heartbreaks, disappointment & sadness, it's quite surprising on how well I'm tackling all this. I guess, maturity, age & my job play a significant role. Hehe!

I'm an optimist. Whenever I'm in trouble, I don't usually give up. I'll try my best to sort it out, although sometimes it seems like there's no option left but to just let it be & give up

I think, the only thing that keeps me calm & in a great comfort is on the fact that I know I have Allah, Ar Rahman Ar Rahim who I can always turn to. He's always there, anytime. Allah knows what He's doing & no matter good our plan seemed to be, He is indeed the best of Planners. He knows every leaf that falls from a tree. Let the knowledge that He knows every tear that falls from your eyes, quiet your screaming heart. I believe that things happen for a reason. Every test is a blessing ayte? There must be hikmah behind this & to tell you the truth, I can't wait to see what the hikmah is :) 

Anyway, here is some of my favourite quotations, verses from Al-Quran & hadiths which have given me so much comfort. I'm thinking of getting a fancy notebook to jot down all my favourite ones

Would you please do me a favour, dear readers?

Would you please pray may Allah guide & lead me to the right path, show me the way, protect me & if it's really meant to be that way, may He heal me in a speed recovery & grant me with something better. For the time being, I may not know what the hikmah is but I pray that it may turn out to be a great & a very good one. Amin ya rabbal alamin..

You have no idea how much your doas mean a lot to me now. But a thing for sure, they put me so much at ease amidst the things I'm going through now. So, tqvm in advance & may Allah reward you with something great. InsyaAllah! :)

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