Monday, 11 November 2013

Mek Bungo

Assalamualaikum & happy Monday, everyone!

Last Thursday, me & my officemate, Ira stopped by at a flower shop on our way to buy our lunch. Ira bought a few bouquets of flowers for her nephew's majlis akikah while I got myself 2 bouquets of white chrysanthemum for only RM2.60

I'm such a happy bee!

I had no particular reason why I bought them. I just felt like having them & I think, after all the heartbreak & sadness I've been going through these past few days, I really deserve some flowers. *a pat on my back & standing ovation please? :P* I like white & my favourite flowers are chrysanthemum, so white chrysanthemum they are!

It's something about flowers that can make feel happy. I don't remember when I started to develop this anthophilous (loving or frequenting flowers) in myself but the tranquility just by having them around or simply looking at their pictures is a feeling I can't describe

Uh oh, I think I sound like a granny who has spent so much time in her garden. Lol!

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