Monday, 25 November 2013

November 25

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

Things that have kept me busy in these past few days (bajet retis);

  • Attending 2 kenduris of my secondary school friends' on Friday & Saturday but sadly had to miss another kenduri in K.Terengganu. Will blog about this later whenever the internet at home is back in action. Sigh!
 With the the pretty bride, Puan Diana

  • Watching Korean drama & to tell you the truth, I'm not even a die hard fan pung but gigih mek tidur at 5 something am pagi sabtu yang lepas walhal in the afternoon tu nak pergi kenduri. Gahh! Selain daripada gigih menonton The Heirs/The Inheritors (patiently waiting for Episode 15), I'm currently watching Flower Boy Next Door. Jambu sungguh tajuknya kannn, sejambu pelakon-pelakonnya juga *blush*

  • Getting obsessed over my nephew, Umar. He's 55 days old today & membesar bagaikan johan. Alhamdulillah! Selain daripada drinks a lot of milk & makes us change his diaper a few times in aday, he also smiles, talks & laughs a lot. Babies are so adorable, aren't they?
 Umar & his Tok Ma
Why do I think he looks like a big boy already? Don't grow up too fast please, Umar?

  • Have I told you that we're adopting a new kitten? Meet the latest addition to our family! His name is Boboy (my Mom's choice of name although I really wanted to call him Simba.) The BIL's cousin has been so baik hati to give away Boboy to us. Biasanya dia jual RM400 for a kitten like this & thus, the reason why Boboy's so spoilt by everybody. Di harap Tommy tidak berasa cemburu like he always feels with Umar -.-'
 "Lonely.... I'm so lonelyyy. I've nobody to play with meeeeee"

  • I had another exam related nightmare again last night. This time it was SPM Chemistry paper, my least favourite subject. It was a few days before the paper & I hadn't studied anything yet. Oh Allah, when this kind of nightmare is going to stop? It's utterly not fun at all T_T

Ok bye! I gtg! The boss has a matter at the court this morning & I've nothing to do but to continue watching the Korean drama sebab kerja dah siap. Yayy! Have a nice day everyone!
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