Sunday, 17 November 2013

Of Broken Glasses & Tiada Lagi Segan Silu

Assalamualaikum & happy Sunday everyone!

Last 2 nights, after reading al-Quran & while waiting for Isya', I decided to fill in some time with surfing internet on my laptop. I was still in my telekung & you know how ketat the telekung at the bukaan muka can be which eventually resulted to this;

*cries a river*

I incidentally broke my glasses & I still feed sad about it. Perasaan gundah gulana ku ini hanya orang yang rabun sahaja dapat memahaminya. Sight! Sigh! But life is too precious to mourn over something petty. So, yesterday afternoon I went to the mall with the Sister (our first outing together after her pantang days! Yayyy!) & instead of getting myself a new pair of glasses, I bought this baby & it has made me happy

Finally, a hp which is quite appropriate for a lawyer. Tiada lagi perasaan segan silu untuk menggunakan hp di khayalak ramai & semoga keyakinan diri akan lebih meningkat dengan hp ini. Bahahaha!

Oh, new pair of glasses next month je la. For now kita pakai glasses lama sudahhh. Miahahaha! Sekian

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