Friday, 15 November 2013

The Nerd Achitect

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I can't remember what the last Korean drama that I watched. I'm not a fan, honestly but how can you resist drooling over liking the handsome Korean actors & pretty actresses? I know I know plastic surgery is like a must there that I can't help but wondering whether all of them have had at least one experience under the knife but still, looking at their flawless porcelain skin & beautiful scenery of Korea excites me!

Or rather makes my self-esteem ke laut. Lols!

Thank a lot to my officemate, Ira that I'm currently getting obsessed over The Heirs & currently watching episode 8. It's like any typical Korean dramas; young, hot & rich guy fell in love with poor girl, love triangle yada yada yada but I guess, since almost all of us we yearn to live in luxury where you bring your expensive designer bag to school, seeing rumah besar gabak di lereng bukit walaupun dalam drama sekalipun sudah memadai

If isn't because my abe Lee Min Ho the leading actor, my obsession won't be this much. Sigh! But you ask me, of course his style in his previous drama, Personal Taste wins anytime! I mean, just look at this!

Hallo thereee! *blush*

Me & my friends agreed that architects are nerd but Allah is fair because He makes them look smart/hot. Yes yes, I can see you nod your head agreeing with us. Thank you thank you! Now please have a seat with us! :P

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