Thursday, 28 November 2013

Time Tunnel

Wad 8, Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II

Assalamualaikum & hallo

Went to Wad 8 HRPZ II this afternoon after the working hours to visit my aunt, Mak Muda. Alhamdulillah that her condition is getting better. She's conscious but still weak. I pray for her speed recovery very soon. Amin...

I shared the above image at my Instagram account earlier & later on received a comment from an Insta friend (i.e the friend who I made via Instagram. Like a friend's friend something like that) who's working at the same hospital. His comment was simple; "Banyok worih demo sakit"


My earliest memory of visiting the hospital was in February 1993 when my arwah elder sister was admitted to HRPZ II. I remember watching her lying so weak on the hospital bed but I was too naive to understand anything. I thought she would recover soon enough & life would resume as usual but little that I know after 3 days being warded, she passed away peacefully during Subuh azan on 6th February 1993

My second memory of being the frequent visitor to HRPZ II was when my eldest brother was warded there between 2003 - 2005. Honestly, it was a distant memory as I was staying at the hostel most of the times but I remember during one of my visits at the hospital wearing my baju batik rasmi sekolah, my arwah brother smiled at me & said "Tak lama jadi doktor la ni". Too bad that I scored B3 for my SPM Biology paper & ended up being a lawyer instead. Hehe!

Is it too much to say that I love going to HRPZ II? Not only because I'm always in awe seeing doctors looking so smart in their white coat but mostly because of the memories it's given me. It's like entering a time tunnel where I could almost see a little/younger curious me wandering around the ward & hospital compound like I used to do once upon a time :)

Al-fatihah to my dear arwah Kak Mahraini (Feb 1993), arwah Abang Nazri (November 2005) & also my arwah Nenek Mek Thom (November 2004). May Allah forgive them, put their souls rest in eternal peace & place them amongst His righteous servants. Amin... 

Once upon a time
I pray, may all of us reunite again one day in Jannah. Amin ya rabbal alamin...

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