Sunday, 1 December 2013

My Chatty & Senyum Sokmo Dumbbell

Assalamualaikum & hi everyone!

It's been more than 3 weeks since my last entry on my health resolution. Truth be told, I've been less strict with my diet lately since I've achieved my old weight back which is between 42 - 43 kg

The Mother, on the other hand has always expressed her concern on how thin I'm now. She's worried, I know but as long as I'm healthy / feel healthy, feel great about myself, then I'm all good! :D

Ma: Sue dah jadi kurus macam dulu-dulu dah
Saya: Baguslah. Baru la rasa confident
Ma: Confident macam mana kalau kurus

Of course there were times when I skipped my meals just for fun (shhhhh!) but it's just to make myself feel better after spoiling myself with some junk food like cookies & cupcake #selfcreateddilemma #ilikebeingkurus #iwasbornpetite

Tapi it doesn't mean that I don't control or at least take note on what I eat. I'm a big fan of drinking a lot water & also take some health supplements daily like Vitamin C, spirulina, habatus sauda & other Shaklee supplements that I find in the kitchen (tqvm dear Sister :P). And tidur yang cukup juga penting ya, rakan-rakan?

Exercise? Ok, this is hard. I've been trying to make friend again with the bicycle machine but you know lah betapa liat & malasnya nak exercise dalam cuaca hujan & dingin sebegini. Watching Korean dramas on bed wins anytime. Kehkehkeh! Tapi, honestly rindu jugaklah nak sweat like crazy macam dulu. Ok, see la how. Now that I've my own dumbbell i.e my bulat Nephew, I shall dukung him more la ini kalu

My Sister & Umar, my chatty-&-senyum-sokmo dumbbell who just turns 2 months last Friday

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