Saturday, 21 December 2013

My Hobby

 My current hp wallpaper

Assalamualaikum & apa khabar everyone? 

I'm a type of person who can't stand seeing things remain 'untouched' for some time. Be it my hp theme & wallpaper, my laptop & desktop wallpaper, the arrangement of things on my office table & furniture in my bedroom, the stationary I keep in my office table etc. Even the jars or plastic containers in the office pantry, I need to get them rearranged at least once a week. Or depending on my stress level :P

Once in a while, I even voluntarily wiped off or cleanse the table at the restaurant for I cannot tahan seeing them dirty with kesan tumpahan kuah, drinks & all. Scrubbing the toilet & sink at the office, vacuuming the carpet; yes I do them all. Of course my friends or my Sister would have some words to say about that habit but I just couldn't stand seeing the stains staring at me -.-' 

Sometimes, after going to someone's house of office, I even had this imagination going wild in my head that I'm doing them a favour by giving their premise a make over. That explains why I'm so addicted to The Sims. Sigh!

This blog's template is the evidence of this my so called penyakit. Is this OCD? Or is it just fussy me? 

Ok, gtg. The Mother asked me to teman her for grocery shopping. This is one of the things single women do on Saturday. Lols! Have a nice day everyone! Take care!

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