Sunday, 22 December 2013


Assalamualaikum & hi!

Today I would like to share something good with you atau dalam erti kata yang lain "barang baik punyaaaaa". Intro cannot tahan, sounds like a person involves in MLM walhal nak share pasal muesli jahh

I was introduced to Muesli by my boss. She stayed in the UK for about 10 years, so you can imagine how mek salleh she's been. Hehe! The first time I had it, I've to admit that it wasn't a nice ice breaking session probably due to the fact that I let it soaked in fresh milk for quite some time. I was like "Mehh! How am I going to finish all this 1 kg muesli? *covers face*"

The second time was a lot better as I mixed it with coco crunch + fresh milk. The third time, coco crunch + fresh milk + banana & it was so yumss! In fact, I've managed to convince my Sister & some friends to try it too & according to my Sister, the BIL has also joint the team muesli recently *proud face*


Muesli is a raw mixture of oats, other wholegrains, dried fruits and nuts. Unlike oats, you don't need to cook it, just mix it with (cold) fresh milk & it's ready for your stomach! 1kg of Tesco muesli is about RM12 something & it can last for more than a month. So jimat & good for your health too ayte? I usually have it for my breakfast or dinner or whenever my stomach is being mengada asking for something to fulfill its unexpected appetite

There are a few types of Muesli for Tesco brand such as Tesco 50% Fruit Muesli, Tesco Everday Value Muesli, Tesco Fruit & Nut Muesli, Tesco No Added Sugar Salt Swiss Style Muesli but my favourite is this one;

Why is so good about muesli? For your diet, babe! InsyaAllah, it can help you to lose weight & it's good for your digestion system too ;)

P/s: Ada gaya macam promoter tak?

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