Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I once wrote here that I'm not a Korean drama fan although I did watch & am still watching some of them. I even went to another level a few days ago by downloading 2 soundtracks from The Heirs (I'm Saying & Love Is) & set one of the songs as my hp ringtone walaupun memang obviouslah kan mek tak paham Korean. Tak pasal-pasal pulak mek terjebak dalam arena ini -.-'

I shall stick to my above statement except with an addition line that;

"I'm not a Korean drama fan except if Lee Min Ho is one of the actors. Jadi pak pacak pun bolehhh!"
*flips tudung*

The boss was in a holiday for a few days last month. So, me & Ira took that chance to watch Personal Taste secara berjemaah on my pc. Instead of having popcorn, we had pisang goreng, kerepok lekor, putu halba & air kelapa. The only thing yang tak ada adalah angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa pantai. Ohhh, the joy when the boss isn't around :P

While watching;

Saya: Boleh tak kita mintak dua dengan Allah mintak dapat husband handsome macam Lee Min Ho?
Ira: Boleh
Saya: *makes dua* Amin...
Ira: Amin...

Girls can always dream, alrightttt?

Btw, the Heirs dah habis pun. Although I'm glad that Kim Tan & Eun Sang are eventually happy together, the producer could have done something better for its ending. Macam dorang sama-sama study kat US ke, kahwin ke apa kan? Sigh!

I'm currently watching Heartstrings. Comel je Park Shin Hye with short hair

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