Thursday, 2 January 2014


Assalamualaikum & hi!

I've a friend who I've known since the secondary school. Her life seems to be so perfect; she's very smart, pretty, nice, popular & currently doing her housemanship in UK

I must admit that I'm fascinated with her life. I stalk her Instagram account almost every day & her Fb whenever I'm on Fb (because I've a love-hate relationship with it that I often deactivate-reactivate-deactive whenever I please). She seems to be independent & a type of girl who loves adventures despite her petite size & pretty face. You know how people often think that being pretty & bimbo come in a package but this friend of mine, she's different. And she's quite secretive when it comes to her personal life; her family, her love life (I believe she's single) etc & sometimes from the way she wrote, she sounded so sad

Yesterday, she posted a picture at her Instagram with a caption that has made me think about myself. A wake up reminder that is with some lessons learnt

I see myself as an optimistic person; I'm a type of person who wants happy ending in everything she does or is in. I hate being sad & it breaks my heart so much whenever something bad or unfortunate happens to other people, say seeing old pakciks riding beca on my way to & from work. I wonder how much they earn everyday. Do they sleep well at night? Do they have families? And I pray may Allah ease their burden & reward them with something much better for their patience & hardship. If not here, may it be there in jannah. Amin...

But I guess, my source of happiness or happy ending(s) shouldn't come from other people. Why should I let them ruin myself when I shouldn't have relied on them ab initio? I shall be independent & I'm completely responsible for own happiness. I'm my own architect designing what my future would be

So, that's it!

2014 should be a year of happiness! Of course what life is without twists & turns, ups & downs but no one is in charge of my own happiness but me! I hereby declare that I'm on a journey to seek mine. Amin & InsyaAllah... :D

"Happiness must depend on us, and not us on it."
- Seneca, Epistles
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