Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Key Ell

Assalamualaikum & hallo!

I think I'm in a love-hate relationship with my job but I like the traveling part most (well sometimes) because all the expenses are paid by our client(s). Hehe!

Here is a picture collage of our recent work trip to KL on 26 & 27 Jan

  • 1. I present to you my shining brand new luggage! It was love at first sight & I call it 'Garfield' for its obvious reason. The original price was RM790 but I got it at 70% off. I know right? What a bargain! And lebih bermakna apabila Ma yang membayarnya. Hadiah birthday katanya. Hehe! Tqvm Ma!
  • 2. The view from our hotel, Citin Hotel at Masjid Jamek. It's just a walking distance to KL Industrial Court & LRT Station. Sonang kalau nak pergi mana-mana
  • 3. A double birthday celebration with my friend! Yeah yeah, January babies are cool B-) 
  • 4. You know you've a cool male friend when he offered to carry your Victoria's Secret paperbags (Please refer picture no. 6) & ignored all the stares from other people. Why are doctors always cool? Sigh!
  • 5. Spent about 7 hours at Paradigm Mall with the boss, her (pregnant) sister & my above mentioned friend. Banyak sungguh kalori terbakar. Alhamdulillah :P
  • 6. Made 4 trips to Victoria's Secret, bought 6 sets of body mist pesanan dari kawan-kawan & manakala untuk diri sendiri hanya 1 set sahaja. Luggage tak muat dik. Tsk! And how I love its paperbag! Can die inside the shop! Oh, I also managed to exchange hp no with 1 of the salesgirl. Ore K.Bharu ni mo jahh! Hehe!
  • 7. The main purpose trip ke KL. Yang lain-lain tu aktiviti lagha semata-mata. Oh, I finally will be having my own robe soon! Yayyy!
  • 8. A short visit to the Malaysian Bar with the boss for some matters. I love how friendly & welcoming they are
  • 9. Lunch at Dome, KLCC. Maaflah kalau kelihatan jakun sebab bukan selalu kita datang KL & bukan selalu kita lunch kat Dome
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