Thursday, 30 January 2014


I'm not good at being angry at people. I think it's a skill one has to possess

I wish I know how to get mad. Like real mad. Like saying some nasty things on purpose so that the particular person knows what I really feel or how angry I am, instead of taking my words as jokes or sarcastic remarks

But most of the time, everything turns back to me. Instead of unleashing my anger, the feeling comes & stacks right onto my heart

So in the end, I'll just keep myself quiet & ignore anything around me. Most of the times, it will always be me, my bed, my wet pillow & a set of red watery eyes. And off to LalaLand I go silently with a broken angry heart

Al-Jabbar & Al-Muhaimin; from You I seek protection from any pain, hurt or harm. Amin...

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